About me

Greetings! I am a lecturer and researcher in Department of Geodetic EngineeringUniversitas Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta. My research interests are in the field of 3D Geospatial Information, including 3D modeling using structure from motion, analysis and visualization. I also work on gamification and crowdsourcing 3D geospatial data using location-based augmented reality. As a side project I also utilize spatial data mining from social media data to obtain information for behavioral studies, espescially those related to geospatial visualization and insights.

Currently, I’m a research student in giCentre, City, University of London with focus on visual analytics and visualization of energy networks in the UK. I am working with Advanced Infrastructure Technology Ltd. on tackling the issues of large geospatial data visualization and visual analytics for decision making related to energy networks, espescially in alignment with the UK’s target for Net Zero Strategy.

I also have special interest in NoSQL database for geospatial application, and thus I often develop WebGIS app using MEAN framework (MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular and NodeJS), as well as hybrid framework based on Angular, ReactJS or Vue. I love Open Source (looking at you, QGIS!) and would promote the use of open source software whenever available as alternative to paid ones.

I believe that the future of Geomatics would be large and larger scale of geospatial data: whether on data acquisition, analysis and visualization (imagine a 1:1 3D realtime model of the real-world!). Thus I am eager to the discussion on Digital Twin technologies from geospatial point-of-view. Should you find my papers or articles interesting, I’d love to have a discussion :)